As the Founder of FAAS- the Functional Apparel & Accessories Studio, I am excited to announce an amazing partnership with Pensole Academy and the Pacific Northwest College of Art! This DESIGN PROGRAM is specifically geared towards instructing and directing students in designing PERFORMANCE APPAREL. Students will ‘learn by doing’ as they participate in the TRUE TO INDUSTRY product creation processes & practices used to build functional apparel in the manufacturing industry.


PENSOLE now has an official partnership with Pacific Northwest College of Art (PNCA) to create a new Footwear, Functional Apparel & Accessories, and Color & Material Intensive Design Program that will feature 30 students from around the world.

PNCA@PENSOLE Design Intensive Program will prepare students from what it is like to have an internship at a TOP Footwear brand through our ‘learn-by-doing’ curriculum. This program also allows us to offer classes that are transferable to the college/university that you are currently attending (15 credits transferable).

The TOP Performance Footwear and Apparel brands in the industry will be a part of this program and will be offering their guidance and mentorship to students assigned to work on their brand. Students will be advised in the way that they would be trained at their company. The program will culminate with presentations to representatives from these brands. This exposure is an unusual opportunity for students to show what they can offer these companies.

Design Intensive students will experience a broad scope of academic topics in a holistic setting: Professional Practices, Communication Practices, Design Process, Research Methods, Prototype Development, Digital Imaging/CAD, Materials+Process, Color Fundamentals/Color Strategy. 

Students are exposed to the expectations of the professional environment in the design industry. Emphasis is placed on developing students’ presentation skills, resumes, preparation for job interviews, development of professional portfolios, websites and networking.

Learning Outcomes:

  • strong presentation skills
  • tailored resume
  • professional portfolio
  • website
  • network(ing)

You must be at least 18 years of age and have graduated high school. You must be able to take on full responsibility of the cost of the program, health insurance required, and housing/living expenses while in the program. Application criteria is posted on PENSOLE.COM and PNCA.COM. Please note that you must choose a track: Footwear, Functional Apparel & Accessories, and Color & Material. Each have their own application requirements.

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